Monday, 12 August 2013

The gearly bird catches the worm...

Its been a while since my last post, thanks to the longest house move to ever go down in history!
Could there be a worse time to quit smoking? We all know about moving house being up there with death and divorce, who could blame me if fell off this smokey wagon? Im proud to announce, however, that I haven't! 5weeks on & when passers by ask for a light I get to answer with sweet, petty smugness that I dont smoke.
I couldn't have done half as well by myself. My bike has been my best friend, taking me away from it all when times got tough! Never has a form of exercise/transport/leisure given back so much ...and it is with this in mind I would like to dedicate this post to my bike, and my boyfriend for his hard work making my bike what it is. In a short time cycling has prompted the start of many changes and caused a wave of positivity to ripple through my life and hopefully continue to reverberate for many years to come.
The pearl white Inbred, a fantastic blank canvas to be starting with, at a fantastic price; £599 from On One. 
I'm lucky to be getting into mountain biking and have a boyfriend with 20-odd years of experience and knowledge to give much needed advice and moral support. 

Truvativ Firex triple crankset
The 1st thing to come, obviously, were my pedals. I began with a set of pink Exotic flats. My boyfriend changed the road tyres for a set of Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.2s and off we went! I was lucky that On One ran a fantastic offer with the RockShox SLR Sids and with Daves wrenching suspension was the next addition. The difference before and after suspension was amazing...or so I thought. The greatest change was my saddle - a Selle Italia SLR Lady Gel Flow, Id been off a bike for the best part of 15 years after an unfortunate experience with a terrible bike with a terrible saddle (girls, you know why), I would recommend this saddle to anyone has to be my favourite component. It wasnt a cheap saddle but it was definitely worth every penny. By now I was getting well into the pink theme, I understand it's a controversial colour with a lot of you but I love it. We found pink Oury grips, pink chainrings by Blackspire, pink Cateye and finally the pink bottle holder. As soon as Dave thought I was ready and Id had enough of ripping my shins on the pins of the flat pedals, I let him swap them for a set of Look Quartz clipless (perfect excuse for a spot of shoe shopping...I got a great pair of Shimano disco slippers and I love them).


  1. Nice setup you got there... i just recently upgrade my bike from Fuji Tahoe 3.0 to awesome Santa Cruz Tallboy c... ;-)

  2. Thats a badass mtb, youve made the bf positively green with envy!